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PVC marble board is widely used as decorative sheet. As high quality decorative sheet, it use medium density PVC microlite as raw material, copy the marbling on the surface by UV photocuring
Description: The wave board is ideal building material to shield rain and sunshine because of its natural advantage and low cost. This 800mm PVC Wave Board Production Line can be used to pr
Description: For PP hollow grid sheet, the single screw extruder is best choice. So this PP hollow grid sheet Production Line equipped with 90/35 single screw extruder is especially designed to produ
Description: In order to enlarge our series of foam board production line, our engineers developedPVC Foam Board Extruder  to meet higher requirements in the market. PVC Foam Board Ext
Description: This unit is specially for the production of PP, PE, PS sheet that are mainly suitable for stationary sheet, blister for packing. With higher using life from packing industrial, we devel
Description: Equipped with powerful twin screw extruder and other quality downstream machines, our PVC Wave Board Production Line can realize 300kg/h output at 7/24 running. This PVC Wave Board Produ
Description: Sunshine Shield Board with UV-Proof function is a good choice to establish an outside house or set up a simple shelter in hot climate. In our product series, UV-Proof Sunshine Shield Boa
Description: With modified single screw extruder that emphasizes plasticization effect, this Sunshine Shield Board Production Line is designed after technical innovation and improvements. The  S
Description: After market research and investigation, our R&D team designed this Sunshine Shield Board Production Line offering another choice to customers. The  Sunshine Shield Board Produc
Description: To achieve better effect of sound insulation, PC sound insulation solid board was introduced in such application for its special molecular structure. This Sound Insulation Solid Board Pr
Description: Our XPS Foam Board Production Line is specially designed for producing XPS foam board, which has a perfect closed-pore structure. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat condu
Description: With the natural advantage of waterproof, the PVC foam board becomes first choice for those areas needing waterproof structure or frame. Our Waterproof Foam Board Production Line can pro
Description: Our PVC Semi-Skinning Foam Board Production Line is equipped with twin screw extruder and other high quality downstream machines to achieve reliable running and efficient performance whe
Description: Our PVC Free Foam Board Production Line is specially designed for producing PVC free foam board with twin screw extruder. PVC Free Foam Board Production Line has large production capacit
Description: The biggest feature of our PE Wood Composite Skinning Foam Board Production Line is that the line can use PE and wood powder to extrude composite foam board that is suitable for exterior
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